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Top 35 Effective Physical Therapy Exercises For Shoulder Pain

31. Needle Threading

needle threading

This yoga pose is very great for your shoulder pain and you can follow the instruction like this:

  • At first, you reach your right arm under your body.
  • Next, you release your temple and your right shoulder to the ground.
  • You should keep the left hand still and you might crawl it a bit over your head.
  • Hold that position for 5 breaths and repeat it.

32. Crossing Exercise

crossing exercise

  • You lie the belly down the floor.
  • Lift your torso, thread your right arm under the left arm for 90-degree angle to the body.
  • You reach your left arm then.
  • Now you hook the chin over both the shoulders.
  • Next, you walk your fingers away and hold it for 5 breaths.
  • Make sure you breathe deeply during the exercise.
  • Return and repeat the movement.

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33. The Point

the point

  • Lie face down on the ground.
  • Then you reach your right arm at 90-degree angle from the body.
  • Raise the palm up.
  • You use your left hand under your left shoulder, bend your left knee.
  • You can reach the left toe behind your right knee as your body is rotated.
  • Next, you reach your left arm toward the ceiling.
  • Keep the palm flexed and fall the hand toward the ground.
  • Hold the position as long as possible.
  • You can allow the left hand and the right hand meat together by clasping them.
  • Repeat the exercise.

34. I-Shape

i shape

With this exercise, you can hold an appropriate weight in the hand.

  • You start the exercise by holding the weight in your right hand.
  • Then you lie the face down on the bed, exercise ball, or a bench and hand down your right arm.
  • Straighten the elbow and lift the weight forward until the arm gets the same level of the body.
  • Keep the thumb to the ceiling side.
  • If you feel difficult, you might not lift high.
  • Reduce the weight slowly.
  • Change the side and repeat.

35. T-Shape

t shape

The last but not least, T-shape exercise is a perfect movement for the shoulder pain and it also can strengthen and improve the shoulder health effectively.

  • You can hold a proper weight for this.
  • Now you turn the palm forward and raise an arm for 3 o’clock on the right, 9 o’clock on the left.
  • Put the thumb to the ceiling side.
  • Repeat the exercise.

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