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Top 35 Effective Physical Therapy Exercises For Shoulder Pain

26. A Dolphin Exercise

a dolphin exercise


To reduce shoulder pain effectively, you should try different exercises and here is another excellent yoga pose for your try:

  • To start with facing the hands, knees to the wall.
  • Keep your forearms parallels to the another.
  • You hold the opposite elbow to get the shoulder distance.
  • Lift your hips up.
  • Next, you drop your head, reach the chest through your arms in the feet direction to open the shoulders.
  • Hold the position for 5 deep breaths.
  • Turn back and repeat.

27. Praying Exercise

praying exercise

Doing physical therapy exercises for shoulder is really helpful and safe for your health and praying exercise is such an exercise for relieving the pain in shoulders.

  • You sit down on the floor comfortably.
  • Then you float the arms down to the sides.
  • You bend the elbows in order to reach the arms put behind your back.
  • Now you press your palm as you are praying.
  • Reach the hands and keep the position for 5 deep breaths.

28. Eagle Pose For Shoulders

eagle pose for shoulders

If you have not ever tried yoga, I suggest you should do it now, especially, when the shoulder is painful. You might perform the eagle pose like this:

  • Stand straight and put the right knee to your chest.
  • Bend the left knee slightly across the right leg, around the left leg.
  • You hook your right foot on the left leg.
  • Now you wrap your right arm under the left arm.
  • Next, you sit down slowly and lift your arms to balance the body.
  • You reach your fingertips, elbows.
  • Hold the position for 5 breaths and repeat it.

29. Bow Exercise

bow exercise

Along with the proper diet plan, you should be active every day by doing physical therapy exercises for shoulder pain as they can help you relieve the inconvenience dramatically. The steps for bowing exercises are:

  • Lie down the face, bend the knees and grasp your ankles accordingly.
  • Now you press your feet into the hands and keep the hip, knees wide apart.
  • Then you lift the chest off the ground and hold it for 5 breaths.
  • Repeat the exercise.

30. Cow Face

cow face

  • To get started, put your knee down and reach your right arm to the ceiling.
  • You bend the right elbow and fall the right hand between the shoulder blades.
  • Now you take the left hand to your right elbow and deepen the shoulders. Avoid pushing it.
  • You put the left arm down, bend your elbow, and reach the left hand to the center.
  • Hold the right hand and lean it slightly into your arms.
  • Avoid pressing the right arm on your neck.
  • Hold the position for 5 deep breaths and repeat.

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