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Top 35 Effective Physical Therapy Exercises For Shoulder Pain

11. Upper Ball Stabilization

upper ball stabilization

This exercise will work on the core stabilization and the scapular. The method is:

  • You lie down and place 1/3 of your body on the table edge.
  • Bear the weight on your arm, which places on the ball.
  • Control the ball while you move circulation.

12. Exercise With Swiss Ball

exercise with swiss ball

Physical therapy exercises for shoulder will reduce significantly your pain and exercising with the Swiss ball is a helpful movement you can try now. This exercise will improve the muscles and shoulder stability. The instruction is shown as below:

  • Prepare a ball and keep it at your hips. Put your hands on a wobble board.
  • Keep the balance when you move your arms.
  • You can lower the ball to the body.

This exercise will work for the upper back muscles well.

13. The Active Stretch

the active stretch

One of the most powerful therapy exercises for shoulder is the stretch and this is an active movement you can perform at home to reduce the shoulder pain. Now let follow the instruction how to do it:

  • Stand tall and put your right arm behind your back.
  • Use the left hand to pull your arm across your back.
  • Stretch it and keep for 20-30 seconds.
  • Turn back to the beginning position and repeat.

14. Capsule Stretch

capsule stretch

Stretching is always the perfect exercise for shoulders and other parts of the body. With the capsule stretch, you might increase the shoulder extension as well as the capsule mobility. The steps are:

  • You prepare a towel and put it between two arms and the body side.
  • Bend your elbow and pull it towards your body by using the another hand.
  • Hold it for some seconds and do the exercise again.

15. Wobble Board Exercises

wobble board exercises

Do you want to discover more physical therapy exercises for shoulder pain? This is a worthy exercise to try:

  • To get started, you put both hands on the wobble board, the shoulders are wide apart.
  • You have to keep the balance and circular on the board.
  • Hold it and repeat.
  • This exercise will strengthen the core stabilizers and the scapular

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