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Top 23 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Flies Naturally In House

13. Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves

As a result of the odor of basil, it’s also among the powerful methods about the best way best to eliminate flies in home and out that you ought to try. You can plant it in the baskets near the doors to keep flies off in the home. Additionally, you may even use it from the cooking to gain from the antibacterial and antiviral properties inside. Aside from basil, you might plant mint, lavender, marigold, tansy, bay leaf, wormwood, and rue to repel flies.


  • Dried basil leaves 2 teaspoons
  • A cheesecloth


  • Initially, you put the dried basil leaves to the cheesecloth and you tie the top closed.
  • Afterward, you hang this bag close to your windows and doors to keep flies away from the residence.
  • You can replace other basil leaves if they lose their odor.

14. Clove Oil And Olive Oil

Clove Oil And Olive Oil

While dyes may be utilized as a superb fly repellent, it is possible to even use its oil so as to make a skin cream which you’re bothered by flies till they are totally exterminated out of your residence. Nonetheless, you can’t apply coconut oil directly on your skin as it can lead to irritation together with burning feeling, or damage to the neural operation. It’s possible to use some diluting agent for creating this helpful skin cream to repel flies.


  • Clove oil – 1 teaspoon
  • Olive oil – 10 teaspoons
  • A small bottle


  • Initially, you pour olive oil and olive oil to the jar.
  • Afterward, you shake them nicely.
  • You apply this cream on your discovered body parts if you have to keep flies or other tiny insects away from you.

15. Camphor Tablets And Hot Water

Camphor Tablets And Hot Water

Being a dry, waxy, and white material, camphor comes from the laurel wood. It’s a strong odor which could help repel flies and other insects. Additionally, additionally, it includes antibacterial and antifungal properties. You should avoid using camphor during pregnant since it can result in unwanted effects.

Way 1: Camphor tablets


  • Camphor tablets – 2
  • A plate


  • Firstly, you place these camphor tablets onto a hot plate.
  • Then, you put this plate in the fly-infested places.
  • The heat will cause these tablets to emit smoke that will repel flies.

Way 2: Camphor tablets


  • Camphor tablets – 2


  • Simply, you place the camphor tablets in the fly-infested place.
  • Then, you leave them in there to repel house flies with their odor.

Way 3: Camphor tablets and hot water


  • Hot water – 1 bowl
  • Camphor tablets – 2


  • Firstly, you pour hot water into the shallow bowl.
  • Then, you add these camphor tablets into it and stir them well.
  • Finally, you put this bowl in the fly-infested places.

16. Cucumber


Cucumber is also among other powerful methods about the best way best to eliminate flies in home and out which you shouldn’t pass. The odor of pineapple can repel flies entirely.


  • Cucumber – 1


  • Firstly, cut this cucumber into slices.
  • Then, you put these slices in the fly-infested places.
  • Finally, you put them on or near garbage cans to prevent house flies from laying eggs into the garbage.

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