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Olive Oil For Scalp Treatment: 16 Best Uses That Work

3. Olive Oil With Coconut Oil


Here are Simple Measures to use olive oil to scalp treatment:

  1. Take coconut oil and olive oil at 1:1 ratio i.e. 1 tbsp of olive oil blended with 1 tbsp of coconut oil.
  2. Stir these two oil since they blend correctly.
  3. Now use it to the scalp and hair by massaging lightly on scalp.
  4. Leave it to keep on your own hair for about 30 — 40 minutes and after that rinse off it with shampoo and water.

4. Olive Oil On Scalp For Entire Night


This oil scalp for whole night will be quite handy treatment which helps inhibit the dryness, dandruff and itchiness on scalp. Here are detailed directions to use olive oil to your own scalp:

  1. Take sufficient number of olive oil and then employ it on your own scalp.
  2. Leave it off for whole night and after within the following morning, wash it out with shampoo.
  3. Do this exact same procedure of applying oil into the hair regularly for a week.
  4. You will learn your hair and scalp will get healthy, shiny with no issue.

5. Olive Oil For Treating Dry Scalp


Dry scalp May be one Outcome from the Lack of a Few nutrients, Dry scalp needs to be nicely moisturized. Olive oil is just one super all-natural moisturizer that has plenty of effective properties to heal the scalp. Here are some approaches to use olive oil to scalp:

Method 1: (Olive Oil And Sugar Scalp Scrub)

  1. To start with, choose sugar (4 — 5 tbsp ) in a little bowl.
  2. Insert enough amount of the oil and following blend it well to make a nice paste.
  3. Now use this on the entire scalp and rub it like wash in circular movement.
  4. Permit it for about 5 — 10 minutes and then rinse it off with shampoo and then apply conditioner.
  5. This method can help inhibits dry scalp since it cleans your scalp gently and inhibits the shedding of excess skin tissues coming out if you starch on scalp.

Method 2: (Olive Oil With Honey And Avocado)

  1. Take one ripened avocado, virgin olive oil (2 tbsp ) and honey (a tsp ).
  2. Avocado has to be mashed with food processor or blender or simply by pressing it with your own hands.
  3. Afterwards mix all the ingredients well and apply it to the hair that is dry.
  4. Wrap your own hair utilizing shower cap and keep it like this for half an hour.
  5. Finish this procedure by washing the hair with warm water completely and shampoo it later.
  6. The procedure makes the hair shiny, soft, and sterile that inhibits the scalp.

Method 3: (Olive Oil With Vegetable Glycerine And Honey)

  1. Require Virgin organic olive oil (4 tbsp ) and include two tablespoons each of All of the components well.
  2. Shampoo The hair and apply this mixture as a single conditioner.
  3. Finally, Scrub your hair with water and pat it dry.

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