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How To Reconnect With Husband After Baby – 14 Practical Tips

11. Bring Back The Lust 

Bring Back The Lust

If sex is the last thing coming into your mind when it comes to learning how to reconnect with husband, then you should put your effort into bringing back feelings of arousal. What you need to do is using your own imagination. Start the process by using your own brain. Think about the great night sex that you have with each other and ask your husband to do the same. It is shown that actions starts in the mind, and imagination could change the human brain, triggering the release of love-inducing chemicals.

12. Go It Alone 

Go It Alone

Regardless of your status now, new parents all need some alone time, whether they are staying at their home with their baby or working full-time. You need to make sure that you can get your fair share by spending time for yourself once a week. Take that time to do something which you really love as this is the chance for you to revitalize and refresh, and return with renewed energy and affection for your husband, your baby, and your life as well.

13. Think Small 

Think Small

Another one in this list of tips on how to reconnect with husband after baby is to think small. This sounds abstract, but it is really easy-to-follow. Small gestures will go along the way in saying “I am thinking about you.” so, why don’t you take time to write down a note and stick it on the mirror in the bathroom so your husband will discover it after waking up. Sometimes, just little things can do great things, like letting your husband know that you really appreciate him in your life.

14. Do Not Try To Be Perfect 

Do Not Try To Be Perfect

When having a baby, you might need time to do more things than usual, like cooking three- course meals or cleaning the cranies and the nooks. Your husband might go home with a stress head. Things will be more stressful to you in this period. This case, do not try to complete everything perfectly by your own as it just worsen your condition. Ask for the help from other people. Then, you can cut yourself some slack sometimes and make use of the additional time as well as energy for relaxing together.

These are top 14 useful tips for you, as a wife, to know how to reconnect with husband after baby. Though they are not always work for all couples, they still have big impact on your relationship status. So, do not skip them without trying out some of these 14 tips.

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