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How to find your soulmate in your dream

10. Look For A Deeper Connection

Look For A Deeper Connection

Not like a puppy love, a teenager’s love, finding soulmate requires a process of deeper connection. Even your husband or your wife is not your soulmate because both have no deep connections. Maybe, marriage is similar to responsibility. Moreover, when you find your soulmate, your relationship will be a love of freedom and volunteers – there is no place for plays, tolerance, boredom, unhappiness and disappointment, except passion, common interest and enjoinment.

11. Be Clear About What You Really Want For A Mate

Be Clear About What You Really Want For A Mate

What are you waiting from your dream soulmate? Don’t you know that your failed relationship might give you some clues about what you really want in your ideal partner? The problem is that many people just focus on negative thoughts. For instance, you hate all liars, you just like ones who can work before saying and when you realize you dated or talked to a wrong guy, you were very angry. You might get angry with a bad guy and blame him. Actually, this is not a good emotion. Instead of damning him, get out of him as soon as possible and mind your that you are not luck when meeting a bad guy. That’s all. Get clear about your point of view. Make it simple and look for your real partner.

12. Say No To Jealousy

Say No To Jealousy

In a long lasting relationship, jealousy just harms it. Actually, jealousy is a negative emotion that’s never good for everyone. It just makes us feel more stressed and lose your dream of your ideal soulmate in your real life. But, how to get rid of jealousy? The answer is shown over the love heart whether you really love him or her and how much you love your partner. If you love him or her true, no need to get jealous!

13. Don’t Let Lust Lead You

Don’t Let Lust Lead You

Right! The attraction in any relationship is important, but as you are looking for an ideal partner, you should find with your own heart, not your friends’ suggestions, not your family’s ideas, and not your libido. As I mentioned above, your soulmate may be not your wife or husband, or not the closest one staying with you. That person simply takes the most attention from you, so he or she may be your pen friend, a neighbor or any one in any age, or skin color or religion.

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