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Foods high in estrogen levels for breast growth

10. Bran Cereals

foods high in estrogen bran cereals

When it comes to foods high in estrogen, try eating bran cereals every morning. Bran is rich in phytoestrogens, which comes with a lot of health benefits, including sexual health benefits for female breast growth and beauty benefits for anti-aging. For this, add bran cereals to your daily diet and enjoy bran for your health improvement.

Bran can be taken from wheat, rice or oat. Opt for one that you like to taste. Among different types of bran, wheat bran is believed to increase more amounts of phytoestrogens than other bran types. Thanks to the phytoestrogens productions from bran, it can help girls and women balance their female hormones and reduce symptoms linked to low estrogen levels.

For this reason, you should opt for cereals that include bran.

11. Soy Milk

foods high in estrogen soy milk

Soy milk is made of soybeans, and thereby it gives the same health benefits like tempeh and tofu. Soybeans is high in phytoestrogen content contains. In the form of soy milk, you can easy drink it like other beverages for staying hydrated and balanced your female hormone.

Moreover, consuming soy milk is believed to improve symptoms linked to postmenopause by restoring estrogen with phytoestrogen present.

Additionally, like cow’s milk and other animal’s milk, soy milk is a great source of calcium that’s good for people of different ages to drink.

For any reason, you have to limit your cow’s milk intake, replace it with soy milk in your breakfast cereals or when drinking it directly. Plus, you can use soy milk in your baking and cooking.

12. Tofu

foods high in estrogen tofu

As I mentioned above, tofu is derived from soybeans with high content of phytoestrogens. Also, tofu contains isoflavones so that it helps balance estrogen levels and interact with all estrogen receptors.

The high content of iron and protein in tofu also explains why many vegetarians and vegans opt for tofu, instead of eating animal’s meat products. Even, you are not vegans or vegetarians, it is recommended that you should replace animal meat with tofu and other soybean products a few times a week.

Anyway, when you replace animal meat with plant products, you can end up avoiding cholesterol and fat, so it is good to make use of good things from tofu and avoiding bad things coming from common types of animal meat.

Get into a new habit of consuming tofu and other soybean products at least several times a week. Start by having 1 day to be meatless. Once you feel natural, add another day, and notice how you feel. In comparison with beef and chicken, tofu provides you with more estrogen and an equal amount of healthy protein.

13. Soybeans

foods high in estrogen soybeans

It is not surprising that soybeans are good for women. In concrete, soybeans are foods high in estrogen, a female hormone that responsible for breast growth and anti-aging. When it comes to great sources of protein and fiber, soybeans are at the top. This means, women should consume more soybean products and consume them regularly every day for your female hormone balance.

As far as essential vitamins and minerals go, opt for soybeans in your magnesium and iron levels, as well as potassium and higher calcium levels.

Edamane is still derived from soybeans as a raw form as it is harvested when green and young. There are various delicious edamame recipes, cook edamane as a salad, or add it in your soup. All edamame dishes are delicious. Bet many among you love edamane when try it once.

14. Other Legumes & Common Healthy Foods

other legumes common healthy foods

Besides flax, soybean products, peas and beans, there are a lot of good sources of estrogen than you ever think. Legumes like black-eyed peas, red beans, green peas, split peas are estrogenic, too. For instance, black beans are loaded with about 5,330 micrograms  estrogen/100 grams. Sunflower seeds are also a high one among estrogenic foods. These seeds aren’t a staple of many people’s diets, yet sunflower oils are used in prepared and processed foods widely. Be careful that people who suffer from estrogen-linked endometriosis should sunflower oil, safflower oil, cottonseed oil and canola oil. Instead, opt for grapeseed oil and olive oil.

Other foods and ingredients that may have amount to side dishes of estrogen include licorice, fennel, teas and flavorings red clover. Moreover, food ingredients in beauty and personal care products also have strong estrogenic effects. For instance, tea tree oil presented in some soaps, shampoos and lotions may enlarge breast size naturally in both men and women.

When it comes to foods high in estrogen, consider carrot. This offers a lot of beauty and health benefits. Beside estrogen, carrot is rich in antioxidants for reducing hot flashes. In reality, hot flashes are a popular health problem occurring due to the lack or imbalance hormone.

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