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Foods high in estrogen levels for breast growth

5. Chickpeas


Among foods high in estrogen, this includes chickpeas. A common way to eat chickpeas is to consume it in the hummus form, yet falafel is also another common way to enjoy. Actually, chickpea don’t have much flavor when being consumed in their whole their own, so you can mix chickpeas with other spices, foods, and season to make chickpeas something that you want to enjoy eating.

These peas are not only high in estrogen, but also great source of protein and healthy fiber that make them a good choice if you are planning to reduce meat consumption. Chickpeas also make you feel full faster, and longer due to the combination of protein and fiber.

Perhaps, hummus is the easiest way to consume more chickpeas. Basically, it is made by mashing up certain amounts of chickpeas and adding olive oil and tahini until having a right consistency. Then, season with pepper and salt.

6. Beans

foods high in estrogen beans

When it comes to foods high in estrogen for breast growth, beans are excellent sources of this female hormone. Beans have long been used as a healthy food as they are high in high fiber content and its ability to reduce cholesterol levels. Beans are also a legume that is high in phytoestrogen, although they rarely get attention for nutrition articles.

As beans are high in protein and fiber content, so you often see them in meatless dishes. The combination of protein and fiber makes beans easy to fill you up. Also, beans are digested by the body slowly, so it make this legume a good carbohydrate source for patients of diabetes or those who want to maintain their healthy blood glucose.

There are different types of beans. You can opt for your favorite beans, and respectable amounts of phytoestrogens in each bean that help you in the quest of your hormone balance.

There are also different ways to cook different types of beans. For instance, you can add beans to your soups, eat fried salted beans or drink cereals containing beans and so on.

7. Other Peas

foods high in estrogen other peas

Peas can make your side dish perfect if you are looking for an excellent natural estrogen boost. This is because all types of peas are a great source of phytoestrogens, much like chickpeas, beans and other foods featured above.

And like a wide range of foods in estrogen, peas bring more nutrients to the table than only phytoestrogens. Many types of peas contain healthy protein and essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iron.

Peas are rich in fiber and they contain surprising amounts of Vitamin C. Hence, peas can help boost your immunity and increase your phytoestrogen numbers. The result is that people will be healthy with fewer symptoms linked to menopause as well as postmenopause.

Typically, peas are thought of a side dish, yet it can be factor in a casserole. In fact, most of peas taste great in soup and they come in several different forms for keeping things interesting, such as snow peas and sugar snap peas.

8. Tempeh

foods high in estrogen tempeh

Tempeh is made from soybeans and in this form, it does not decrease its estrogen content. Tempeh can be consumed to treat menopausal symptoms. Tempeh is packed with iron and magnesium, 2 essential minerals that are sometimes difficult for consumers to get enough naturally. This makes tempeh a common food that people feel good when eating, and this also helps feel satisfied and full long after mealtime.

Like peas, beans and other legumes, tempeh is high in protein and its protein content is as high as that in meat in vegan and vegetarian dishes. Temple is just different to tofu in texture.

As tempeh is high in protein, it makes a good meat alternative, like tofu but with different flavor and texture. Sub this healthy food in for animal meats several times per week and it is guaranteed that your estrogen levels will benefit a lot!

9. Alfalfa Sprouts

foods high in estrogen alfalfa sprouts

Next to foods high in estrogen, consider eating alfalfa sprouts. They are often an overlooked way of boosting your female hormone levels as they are rich in phytonutrients, low in carbohydrates and calories, which make them a great choice for your healthy diet.

A key to consuming alfalfa sprouts is that this type of sprout contains natural healthy plant estrogens that don’t give any side effects linked to other forms of toxic estrogen supplementation.

Moreover, by consuming alfalfa sprouts, you can reduce your cholesterol levels in blood and they are definitely a great vegetable to consume in the spring months as every plant is sprouting in the ground naturally.

To consume alfalfa sprouts, there are different ways for you to enjoy this food. For instance, you can mix alfalfa sprouts in your salad or add them into your sandwich. Make sure to rinse alfalfa sprouts off in running water before eating or soaking them into hot water to eat for safe. Eat fresh alfalfa sprouts within several days of purchase and store them in your fridge for keeping them fresh and tasty.

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