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Foods high in estrogen levels for breast growth

Foods high in estrogen levels for breast growth

Unwittingly, most of us get synthetic estrogens from cosmetics, plastics (BPA), detergents, petroleum based products, carpeting, furniture, thermal receipts and foods grown with agriculture chemicals like herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. Besides, we also get various healthy estrogens from natural foods we eat every day. In fact, these phytoestrogens are not really as bad as the synthetic chemicals above, women who get plagued with fibrocystic disease, water retention and PMS; or women who are at a high risk of breast cancer or men who don’t want to become feminized wish to consume estrogen products moderately.

Here are top healthy foods high in estrogen levels for breast growth, sexual health and disease prevention. Keep reading the article on our and use estrogen products properly, ladies!

Top Foods High In Estrogen Levels For Breast Growth

1. Flaxseed

foods high in estrogen flaxseed

Flax is a healthy superfood. When it comes to foods high in estrogen, flax is at the top. 100 grams of flax are loaded with 379,380 micrograms of estrogen in comparison with 2.9 micrograms for other fruits like watermelon. Flaxseed is widely found in a wide range of baked goods such as bread, muffins, bagels, snack foods, pasta, cereals, used in drink mixes, poultry, swine and beef recipes.

Also, flaxseed oil is a common alternative to other oils like fish oil that is proven to improve mood, boost immunity, prevent heart strokes and attacks. Flaxseed oil contains alpha-linolenic acid that’s worth approximately 700 milligrams of omega-3 present in the fish oil. Also, flaxseed provides a great source of fiber. And there is still another reason flax is a superfood is because it is high in estrogen for breast growth and anti-aging. However, like many edible plants, GMO flax may be rampant and rarely labeled. As a wise buyer and consumer, you should beware of choosing organic products for getting healthy estrogen from foods.

2. Animal Products

foods high in estrogen animal products

Beside flaxseed, many animal products are also included in the list of foods high in estrogen like beef and milk. For instance, milk is reported to provide about 1.2 micrograms estrogen/100 grams. However, many studies indicate that industrial hormones used to raise animals in milk and meat productions (Monsanto’s  rBGH) may be result in less level of estrogen. If some synthetic hormones are really safe, why would people mind residues? For this, consumers should choose organic products. According to The European Union, US beef products are dangerous as they swim in different harmful hormones like trenbolone acetate, zeranol, melengestrol and oestradiol-17.

Some estrogen-like drugs like Zeranol is widely used in livestock production and it is especially controversial. In a study published by the Anticancer Research in 2009, it is shown that the long-term exposure to zeranol and E2 (estradiol-17β) may induce the transformation of the human breast epithelial MCF-10A cells. This can lead to breast cancer in women . According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, breast irritation in women exposed to nothing, yet clothing of people working with Zeranol. Is this ingredient used in US meat?

A report from The Science of the Total Environment indicate that the outbreak of breast development and precocious puberty of children in  Puerto Rico and Italy in the 1970s & 1980s attributed symptoms to zeranol-like anabolic estrogens in some animal foods. When the hormone-laced foods were removed, the symptoms of precocious puberty disappeared. Zeranol can be found in dairy products, meat and eggs through the deliberate introduction of the Zeranol ingredient into many livestock in order to enhance the meat production. In the European Union and some other countries, Zeranol was banned for animal husbandry, yet is still used in the US widely. Surprisingly, few people know about health effects of mycoestrogens, and their side effects on puberty and a period that’s sensitive to estrogenic stimulation in girls.

3. Dried Fruits

foods high in estrogen dried fruits

Next to foods high in estrogen, consider eating more dried fruits like dried prunes, dates and apricots. They can aid in balancing your estrogen significantly. They are also healthy snacks, which keep you stay away from vending machine with sugar and sweets. Plus, they help you satisfy your chewiness and added fiber for your good digestive system.

These dried fruits are high in phytoestrogens that can mimic how estrogen work in your body for filling any shortages of estrogen and producing same effect that you could generated extra estrogen levels in the body.

Remember that when consuming dried fruit, the drying process focuses on all parts of fruits, so can generally get more nutrients and vitamins from them. In fact, you will also get more sugar and even salt from these dried fruits, so consume less dried fruit than consume fresh ones.

The best dried fruits high in estrogen are prunes, dates and apricots and the best season to consume these fruits is the spring.

4. Sesame Seeds

foods high in estrogen sesame seeds

When it comes to foods high in estrogen, sesame seeds are at the top. Sesame is a great source of phytoestrogens and sesame oil makes it easier to consume daily as a natural astrogen supplement.

Sesame seeds are packed with fiber and they also contain essential source of healthy minerals for the body. Due to the small size of sesame seeds, you can add them into your foods easily. Moreover, fried sesame seeds taste good so that many people love these seeds. Just 1 tablespoon of sesame can provide you with approximately 1/10 nutrients you need a day, including calcium, magnesium and iron, plus about 4% of the fiber amounts you need everyday.

Be sure that you buy high quality sesame seeds to reap their great benefits for your overall health as well as your breast growth.

There are different ways to cook and consume sesame seeds. For instance, you can add about a handful of fried sesame seeds to your salads or soup or roasted chicken that make your meals fragrant and more colorful.

There are two types of sesame seeds that are identified by their colors: black sesame seeds and white sesame seeds. It’s your own right to opt for a favorite one or choose a type that fits in the color of each food.

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