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7 Facial Muscle Exercises For Women And Men

6. Exercise “O”

exercise o

This is one of the significant exercises to reduce fat on the face. You do not need professional skill to practice it, so that you can combine with it in daily beauty routine.

In this exercise you have to open your mouth to vocalize the letter “E”. You keep wide jaw line and then you change the sound the letter “O”. You must repeat this exercise for at least 10-15 minutes to make use of its useful and you may do 15 times a day for efficiency. This exercise will help the lips become more toned and healthy. This is not only facial muscle exercise for men but also facial muscle exercise for women that all of you should read to practice.

7. Muscles Around Mouth Exercise

muscles around mouth exercise

This simple exercise will be extremely effective for oral sphincter (the muscle around your mouth), cheeks (cheekbone) and muscle (muscles on the sides of the mouth). This is the face yoga exercises to help your face slim and natural beauty. This is facial muscle exercise for women to get rid of fat in face. It is also facial muscle exercise for men to tone their facial muscle. Firstly, you take a deep breath of air, then you keep your mouth shut up and your lips pursed and inflate on your bottom lips. You retain this movement for 10 seconds. Then you move the air to your left cheek and again hold for 10 seconds. Now you move air to the right cheek and hold for another 10 seconds. You repeat operation of air moving from cheek to cheek about 10-15 times. This exercise is quite easy and very effective in making your cheeks tone and reduce chubby.


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