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38 best healthy Christmas food ideas for every family!

 4.Christmas Ham

christmas ham

This dish comes from the tradition of Norway with the main ingredient is wild boar meat. The ancient Romans ate wild boar meat in the international events. In particular, on Christmas, this is considered a traditional dish that people will enjoy together around the dining table while singing the Christmas songs.


– 1 medium-size ham

– 1 carrot

– 1 large onion

– 2 potatoes

– 100g leek

– 600g broccoli

– 3 branches thyme leaves

– Salt (not milled)

– White sugar

– Gin

– Fresh ginger

 5.Christmas Pâté Cake

christmas pâté cake

This dish is made from the heart, liver, brain… of the deer. This is one of the main dish of Christmas Eve, and the top choice of the ancient aristocracy. This cake began to be known in the 17th century.

 6.Christmas Meatball

christmas meatball

With the main material is minced meat mixed with sugar and spices, this is one of the most popular Christmas food ideas that you should prepare for your family’s Christmas dinner. It is also possible to add a little fruit to add flavor to this dish.

7.Mint Candy Cane

christmas food ideas mint candy cane

Initially, the mind candy cane was straight and white as a white sugar stick. Later, the mint candy cane has been changed in the shape like a cane with a little red border. This is one of the favorite Christmas food ideas for children.


– White sugar: 1 kg

– Corn Syrup: 300 ml

– Water: 70 ml

– Peppermint extracted oil: 1/2 tablespoons

– Food color pigment: red and white

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