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37 Facts About Guys – Things About Men Women Should Know

37 random facts about guys that girls don’t know but will never forget

For women, understanding a man might need more than just experience. You could date several men, yet that still cannot help you understand him better. In order to get to know a man, you need to intellectual conversations, have fun with him and try to understand how he thinks along the way. Nevertheless, if you are in a hurry to discover everything about a man, these facts about guys might be all what you need.

When it comes to the opposite gender, girls and guys think along similar lines about a lot of things. However, there are some differences too. For girls, a good looking man with a lot of charm and a good personality will impress any woman in the first conversation. Yet, things are quite different for a man. Of course, it is firstly about the appearance, and followed by the whole things that make a man take his own time before falling in love with a woman. Read top random facts about guys from Mynewssplash.com here so you will be able to understand man better!

37 Facts About Guys – Things About Men Women Should Know

37 Facts About Guys – Things About Men Women Should Know


1.Your man will feel threatened easily as his girl friend flirts with another man under his witness. However, concurrently, he might feel like he is like a King if you keep clinging on to him right in front of other men – those are seduced by you.

By making him feel lucky to date as there are a lot of other men who like you, he will love you more and more.

2.Men are just attracted by the physical appearance of a woman right at the first sight. Yet, it is not always about a perfect body. What attracts a guy could be a cute smile, the way a girl flicks her own hair or the way she stares at him from the corner of the room drawing him to her.

3.Men want to talk about their emotions and feelings, similar to women. Just as they do not initiate heart to heart conversation, that does not mean they do not want or like talking about it. If you want your guy share his feelings, do not make him threatened by tons of questions. That way, he will surely open up to you.

4.It is the fantasy of every man to be loved and desired by multiple girls at the same time. Most men have fantasized about being loved by many attractive girls at least once in their own lives.

5.All men will absolutely take a peek at the cleavage of a girl no matter what is currently doing, when the woman is not looking.

6.Men will be attracted to porn right from the very young age. In fact, they are curious about knowing everything about the female anatomy and they will always be in that feeling even when they are in a good, long-term relationship with such a beautiful, sexy girl. So, you should not hate him for it if it does not turn into a helpless addiction.

7.Like women, men also love compliments. Because they do not hear compliments too much from their friends, yet when hearing it from such a beautiful girl they are attracted, they will not forget it.

8.Men love girls on female action. Most men do not think it is cheating if they catch their lover kissing another girl. In contrast, they might really be turned on by that.

9.Men love sex, always. However, that does not mean they will always be willing and ready for it. You should not push your guy against the wall and expect his package to get ready for just a few second. If you put too much pressure on your guy, you may make him lose an erection.

10.When it comes to facts about guys, it is worth noting that men are highly self-esteemcreatures. Men hate asking other people for help. Also, they will avoid taking help till they think that they could not do and finish it by themselves.

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