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24 Foods That Increase Sex Drive Naturally In Both Males & Females

16. Red Wine & Meat

red wine meat

While meat provides you with a good source of protein, alcohol and antioxidants in red wine trigger the nitric oxide nitric production in the blood for relaxing your artery walls and increasing the blood flow over the genitals. But you should limit drinking just 1 to 2 glasses of the wine. Much alcohol may put a damper on your sexual performance.

Beside red wine, you can consume red grape or dark grape juice as they are rich in the antioxidant polyphenols, which help protect your cardiovascular system, plus keep your skin elastic and flexible.

Next, opt for red meat when it comes to foods that increase sex drive. Lean cuts of red meat are good sources of zinc. This essential mineral can curb the production of prolactin. This hormone at high levels may cause sexual dysfunction, yet a proper amount of zinc is a key nutrient for muscle building.

17. Figs


Like mangoes, figs are on the top of energy fruits. They are also rich in amino acids that are said to boost libido as well as sexual stamina in both males and females. Also, the shapes of figs, their sweet and juicy taste are 2 tangible aspects, which are very pleasurable to human’s senses.
To enjoy figs as food that increase sex drive, feed your partner some fresh ripe figs, let the juice run wild while you are both getting revved up!

18. Peaches


Eat more peaches for adding deductions to your “1040 form”. Moreover, according to a study from the University of Texas, men consuming 200mg of vitamin C sources like peaches can help boost their motility and sperm counts. In the research, 75 men were divided into 3 groups: 2 that took about 200mg – 1,000mg of vitamin C, and the last group took dummy pills. The result showed that the daily vitamin C consumers significantly improved their quality of sperm, especially the group taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C per day. In another study, 30 infertile men impregnated their partners after 60 days of taking vitamin C supplements. In some individuals, their fertility was improved in only 4 days.

19. Garlic


You may think about some extra mint for refreshed breath, but when it comes to foods that increase sex drive, consider eating garlic in different forms. If you worry about your breath, you can brush your teeth and try some mint gums after then.

Garlic is high in allicin that helps boost the blood flow to the brain, whole body, including sexual organs. Garlic is also an effective herb that boosts libido in both men and women. If you don’t love garlic or can’t stand its smell, you and your partner can take garlic oil capsules, instead.

20. Cloves


Next to super foods that increase sex drive, consider cloves. Add this herb to your hot apple cider, in your exotic dish or add it to your tea. Just remember to share it with your partner. In some Asian countries like India, cloves are used to cure sexual dysfunction in men. Cloves are also helpful in treating bad breath that won’t hurt your kissing skills. Not only Asian people make use of cloves. Mexicans also love cloves. They add powdered cloves in their daily foods with a little cinnamon and cumin for a multifaceted and tasty aphrodisiac.

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