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14 Best Yoga Poses For PCOS Treatment That Work

3. Bharadvajasana (Or Bharadvaja’s Twist)


Additionally, this is among the very best yoga presents for PCOS treatment. Daily practice of the yoga poses help to balance blood pressure and normalize the menstruation issues and improve overall comfort by toning your spine and muscles and soothing your nervous system. Here are detailed directions:

  1. Stay about the yoga mat together with the legs stretched in front together with arms resting on both sides of the body.
  2. Then flex the knees and then bring them near your left cool such your own weight of the human body is resting in your right buttock. Following that, break the left ankle in your arch of the ideal foot.
  3. Gently twist the upper body into your side as far as possible, keeping your right hands on the ground and your left hand on the outer part of your right thigh.

Attempt to spin your body more with every breath. Hold this position for a second and after that lightly go back to the starting position and repeat exactly the exact same procedure on the other hand shifting your weight onto the left buttock.

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