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14 Best Yoga Poses For PCOS Treatment That Work

2. Supta Badhakonasana (Or Reclining Butterfly Pose)


General speaking, this can also be among the most effective yoga poses for PCOS therapy that is, even more, useful compared to the timeless Butterfly pose. Typically, this pose must be practiced laying down that makes it extremely relaxing. Just, beginners can do the position by placing a cushion or pillow under the hip to gain better support.

The way to get it done :

  1. Bend down on the yoga mat floor with the knees bent in addition to feet resting flat on your ground.
  2. Then bring the heels near your grin, press on the palms on your own floor together with the buttocks together with contract the abs when you breathe and next move the tailbone on your pubic bone. Keep the pelvic tilt.
  3. Then, exhale and permit the knees to open and come down towards your ground forming one stretch in the inner thighs and stomach region. Now join the soles of their feet together and put the outer edges of your feet on the floor. Sit in this condition for about 30 seconds to one minute breathing gradually and completely then return to the starting place.

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