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14 Best Yoga Poses For PCOS Treatment That Work

14. Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

This relaxing posture is Helpful for polycystic ovary Syndrome treatment since it helps to unwind the body and mind and relieve tension and anxiety in an effective way. Here are comprehensive guides to perform this particular exercise:

  1. After conclusion of the yoga session lie back on the back with no cushions or blankets and shut your eyes.
  2. Set your arms in the sides somewhat besides the torso, palms open in addition to facing upwards.
  3. Gradually loosen the whole body when breathing slowly and deeply.
  4. Wait for approximately ten minutes or till you feel completely relaxed and then somewhat get up out of the floor.
  • Take new foods in addition to fresh vegetables.
  • Drink sufficient quantity of water.
  • Prevent milk in addition to milk products.
  • An individual must perform daily exercise, Yoga and brisk walk to maintain the weight.
  • Take new foods and salads.
  • Prevent faulty modern life set of attention on soothing music, panoramic & character gardening, beauty, and also spending some time in the organic location.

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