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14 Best Yoga Poses For PCOS Treatment That Work

12. Padmasana (Lotus Pose)

Padmasana is also among the very best yoga poses for PCOS treatment. This pose helps to extend your pelvic area plus helps to fix the hormonal imbalance that’s essential for treating PCOS. It is helpful to reduce menstrual distress, ease childbirth, control blood pressure and relax the brain. Here are comprehensive guides that you do it:

  1. To start with, sit on the ground with your spine straight, bend your right knee and place it in your left thigh like the sole of your toes is pointing upward, and this also rests near your stomach.
  2. As both legs are crossed, place your palms on your knees while still keeping the head directly.
  3. Keep this posture for a single minute while breathing softly and deeply.

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