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14 Best Yoga Poses For PCOS Treatment That Work

10. Marjaryasana And Bitilasana (Or Cat And Cow Pose)

General speaking, these two yoga poses generates a great deal of motion on your backbone and helps to relax the stiffness of your neck and shoulder too. Additionally, it massages and arouses your abdominal muscles in addition to reproductive organs and enhances the functions of your Central Nervous System.

  1. Start on all fours maintaining your spine neutral, first, shed down your neck and arch upwards the spine to make a notable arch with your backbone like cats do, wait for five minutes and return into the neutral position.
  2. Subsequently, influence your spine from the opposite direction towards the floor forming the contrary arch with your spine termed as the Cow arch.
  3. Duplicate the other arches as many occasions as you can.

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