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12 Signs and symptoms of cervical cancer in women

12 Signs and symptoms of cervical cancer in women

One of the most common cancers in women is cervical cancer. It was the leading cause of death in women forty years ago. However, thanks to preventative measures, the mortality rate related to cervical cancer has now dropped significantly. Knowing the warning signs is one of the ways to help prevent cervical cancer. Hence, in this article, I would like to introduce you some signs and symptoms of cervical cancer in women in order to help you detect it early. Hope that it is useful for you.

Common Signs And Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer In Women That You Should Know


Cervical cancer is mostly the result of a change in cell DNA that caused by HPV or the human papillomavirus.  It is estimated that more than 99% of cervical cancer cases happen in those who have been contracted HPV. This virus is very common and it is spread during sexual intercourse. According to most experts, men and women who are sexually active will become infected at some point in their lives. There are more than 100 different types of HPV but only some cause cervical cancer. Besides, there are other risk factors that make women more likely to contract cervical cancer, including genetics, food intake, HIV and birth control pills. The signs for cervical cancer may not be as apparent or obvious as breast cancer but there are ways to observe the signs. Here are 12 signs and symptoms of cervical cancer in women that you can look for in order to increase the chance of catching this disease in its early stage.

  1. Leg pain
  2. Back Pain
  3. Discomforting Urination
  4. Constant Fatigue
  5. Bladder Control
  6. Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding
  7. Blood In The Urine
  8. Unusual Vaginal Discharge
  9. Pain In The Pelvis
  10. Pain During Sex
  11. Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  12. Unexplained Loss of Weight

1. Leg Pain

signs and symptoms of cervical cancer leg pain

This is a very first out of the most common signs and symptoms of cervical cancer in women that I would like to introduce in this article and want you and my other readers to learn about and be aware of this harmful and killer disease. Most women in early stages of cervical cancer experience this feeling. As time goes on, the cervix swells and compresses other organs of the body. Blood vessels are not exceptional. The swelling cervix leads to an obstructed blood flow, making it difficult for blood to reach the legs. As a result, leg pain will occur. The leg may be swollen as well. You may notice the pain when you feel that basic simple movements are difficult to do.

2. Back Pain

signs and symptoms of cervical cancer back pain

Back pain is a common bone or muscle related issue that force many people to withstand and thereby, reducing their productivity, as well as preventing them from living a comfortable life. I am sure that everyone hates this health issue and never wants to face it even once in their whole life. However, it is not that simple!

It is true that back pain is one of the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer in women. It is totally normal to get back pain. Most everyone all over the world is affected by back pain and it can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Nevertheless, if your back pain is in conjunction with other symptoms from the list, you may be at risk of cervical cancer. Pain in the back happens when the cancer spreads and obstructs blood flow.

3. Discomforting Urination

signs and symptoms of cervical-cancer discomforting urination

Another out of the most common signs and symptoms of cervical cancer in women is the pain during urination. Normally, this type of pain is mostly a sign of something far less serious such as a urinary tract infection. However, it also can be a sign of cervical cancer. Then, it is important to keep track of urination.

This symptom usually occurs when the cancer has already spread to the bladder – a area of the body where cervical cancer commonly spreads. You may experiences a tight and concentrating stinging sensation. Therefore, see a doctor without delay when you find discomfort while urinating.

4. Constant Fatigue

signs and symptoms of cervical cancer constant fatigue

Finally, constant fatigue could also be one of the most common signs and symptoms of cervical cancer in women, particularly if it is accompanied with some of the other symptoms mentioned in this article. When there is a disease in your body, it has to work hard to try best and combat it off. As a result, your body will become tired due to these various biological processes. Please note that this symptom needs to be diagnosed by doctor to get the most accurate result.

5. Bladder Control 

signs and symptoms of cervical cancer bladder control

Beside discomforting urination, not being able to control your bladder is also a sign and symptom of cervical cancer in women. People with cervical cancer often experience frequent urges to use the restroom without cause. If you find strange changes in the frequency of your urine, inform a medical professional.

6. Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

signs and symptoms of cervical-cancer-abnormal vaginal bleeding

Of all the symptoms, this is likely one of the most common signs and symptoms of cervical cancer in women, especially those who no longer have periods and are postmenopausal. If you experience an untimely bout of vaginal bleeding at any point such as after sexual intercourse, between periods or after menopause, you should contact your doctor.

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